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I admit, when I present clients with the option of a sunrise session, I always hold my breath. I know it is not an easy sell. Especially during the summer, sunrise is EARLY. I am talking about a 4:45 am wakeup call for myself and meeting up around 5:50 am. While this may not be the “ideal” time for many, it’s something I highly suggest if you have little ones. Even if you do not have little ones, if you’re up for it, I highly recommend it!

There are multiple good reasons for sunrise sessions!

Infants and toddlers are generally early risers, even though the rest of us may not be quite as awake without at least a cup of coffee! Sunset this time of year are usually pretty late, much past their bedtimes which is why taking advantage of a gorgeous sunrise is ideal!

While these are some obvious perks to a sunrise session with little ones, it’a not my favorite reason for sunrise sessions. Especially during our busy summers here in Charleston, sunrise is a much quieter time on the beach. Sure we have some people up early to enjoy the sunrise, with their dog, or maybe a cup of coffee, overall, the beach is relatively quiet. It’s more private.

How much more perfect does a quiet private beach get?

Let me tell you!

Mornings are calmer here at the beach. I am talking, cooler temperatures, generally less wind, way less chance of those lovely summer pop up storms. Most afternoons here in the summer we see the clouds roll in and begin to hear the rumblings of thunder. That always begins to put evening sunset sessions in jeopardy. There’s something nice about walking off the sand by 7 am knowing your session is done. Whatever Mother Nature holds for the afternoon won’t affect your family photos!

Sunrise was the perfect option for the Brown family’s beach session! With three little ones 3.5 and younger they were all wide eyed and happy to be up and playing on the beach. While my alarm at 4:45 felt really, really early, once I got out to the beach with this gorgeous family, that thought was far from my memories. Seeing the excitement and joy in their little faces playing on the beach made it all worth it! Seeing this gorgeous sunrise as the backdrop to photograph this beautiful family was the cherry on top!

Just look at this GORGEOUS, peaceful quiet beach! The lighting just before and just after the sun rises is perfect. The sky is usually painted with gorgeous pinks and oranges mixed with blue. There’s just a gorgeous glow everywhere.

Again, while sunrise may not be for everyone, if you are willing to give it a try, I promise, you will not be disappointed.