But you have these precious photos to look back on.

My goal as your photographer is to tell your story, right now, exactly how you see it.

that toddler has grown into a teen...

before you know it

Maybe you’re coming to me to document your two year old, and while we all need that one perfect “Holiday Card worthy” portrait, I believe in so much more than that. I want your gallery to also be filled with the silly side looks they give you or what their little face looks like when they break into that uncontrollable contagious laughter. I want you to look back and see every little detail you loved about your child at that age because before you know it that toddler is a teen in front of the camera for senior portraits. And when that time comes, I want to do the same thing, capture your teen’s personality right before they go off into the world.

More than just your "holiday card worthy" shot...

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My portrait sessions begin at $625.

I never want a photo session to feel rushed or forced. My goal is that every person in front of my lens is comfortable there. With little ones, sometimes it means waiting out the shy period or a few minutes of being upset and that’s totally okay. And it's totally normal for us adults to feel awkward in front of the camera at first as well. My goal is that within the first few minutes you’ll begin to feel warmed up and we’ll be so lost in conversation and exploring Charleston together that you’ll forget what may have felt so weird in the beginning.

Each session includes a one hour photo session and a link to an online gallery with 35 of your edited photos! I’ll ensure all details are just right on every single photo delivered to you. Once you receive your link you’ll be able to download your images and share them with family and friends to treasure forever. 

The Investment


kind words

- Andrew W.

"Lindsay is one of the best photographers in Charleston hands down. She is natural at capturing beautiful views that make for incredible family portraits. She has a great personality and is fun to be around. Thank you again, Lindsay!!"

- Laura E.

"Being new to the area, I began searching for a photographer to capture memories of my son and family. I was so fortunate to find Lindsay. Her work is not only gorgeous, but she takes the time to capture personality and makes our sessions fun. My son loves her and it makes the sessions so easy! I am so thankful for the gorgeous memories she has provided and I look forward to her capturing years of priceless images in the years to come. Thank you, Lindsay!"

- Heather K.

"We contacted her originally about having family pictures done in Charleston while on vacation. She was extremely responsive from start to finish. She was early for our appointment time. She recommended a beautiful location for our pictures and the final pictures are so beautiful. I love them so much, and we hope to have our family pictures taken again next year. Book her! You will not be disappointed. I was thrilled and these pictures will always be treasured."


Hands down early morning and just before sunset are my FAVORITE times to shoot. When the light is golden and soft. I realize this may not work for everyone’s schedule, especially if we’re planning around little ones. Good news, many of the locations I shoot in Charleston offer some flexibility to this. This offers us the chance to maybe go a little earlier before sunset or a little later in the morning. Especially when working with little ones, I trust you know them best and if you know they’re happiest at a certain hour I like to try and accommodate it as close as we can.
The beach is one of my only exceptions to this flexibility, and somewhere I must stick to my sunrise or sunset rule. I know that means your session can be REALLY early or pretty late but I promise you it is SO worth it!

What is the Best time of day for a shoot?


First I want to tell you not to stress! I truly love what I do and an energetic toddler doesn’t scare me! I like to remind parents early on in the session that I only need a few “good” seconds here and there to deliver them a wonderful gallery. Believe it or not, most sessions do not include one straight hour of perfectly attentive and happy toddlers. I try to come equipped for getting their attention and getting them to giggle. Whether I am making silly noises, using finger puppets, squeaking a squeaker or using silly words that make them laugh. I am willing to do what it takes to get you your photos, even if it makes me look silly to everyone else! I don’t want you to stress and not be smiling because you’re worried, eventually, we’ll capture them looking!

I have a very active toddler, how will you capture them?


While 35 may not seem like a huge number I promise my goal is to fill your gallery with a lot of variety and beauty. Seeing everything is overwhelming, and I promise you don’t want to see all the out-takes! Some, of course, and if they’re cute or funny I like to add them in there for you to have that sweet memory. Many people are looking for that perfect photo to frame on their wall, or the perfect photo to send out on their holiday card. That will be in there, and hopefully not just one, you’ll have options! Realistically you will not be printing more than a handful of your final images. My goal is that your gallery is not only well-rounded but pretty near perfect. By taking the time to hand edit each image I aim to give you true quality over quantity. 
Still think you might need more? That’s okay too, we can always chat about adding some additional images to your package!

Is 35 images really enough? I want to see everything!


This is probably the number one question I get and I am always happy to help you plan your outfits! Because many of the locations I shoot in Charleston are light and bright I always encourage my clients to wear lighter colors vs. darker heavier colors. This doesn’t mean everyone needs to show up in a white shirt and khakis!! My goal as your photographer is to capture YOU, and I want the first thing you notice in your photos to be your faces. You know what colors you wear best and I am always open to helping you pick. If you want to use a print, that’s totally okay, I generally suggest you keep it small and simple and to only one member of your party. That way you can have everyone else’s outfits work with it and avoid having two clashing patterns and making it busy. I'll be happy to send along some color do's and don'ts for you to use as you plan your outfits!

 What should we wear?


Normal turnaround time for your gallery is 10-14 days. This ensures that even in busier seasons I can get everyone’s galleries back to them in a timely fashion. If you know you need to have images back by a certain time, and need them printed I suggest booking your session 3-4 weeks prior to when you need the prints in your hands. This allows time for editing, time for you to pick your favorites and time for the printing company to print them and deliver them to you.
General rule of thumb, I don’t like to hang onto your gallery any longer than I have to so as soon as it’s done it’s off and on it’s way to you!

When will we receive our photos?