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New Yorker turned Charleston, SC portrait photographer. Obsessed with the beach, good food, and exploring around town!

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I originally met with the Isbrandtsen family last year while they were visiting Charleston. While we took advantage of the beautiful Spanish moss last year, this year Lauren’s dream was for a dreamy beach session. If I have leaned one thing about what to expect about summer weather in Charleston, it’s to expect the unexpected. The entire week this family was here was predicted to be rainy on and off. So much so, the night before I almost delayed this session slightly. I am so glad I didn’t.

We met about 5:50 am ( I know, early!!!!) and we were able to start shooting within a few minutes of our arrival. The clouds that I feared were going to bring rain instead just provided us with the most beautiful soft glow. The colors of the sunrise, muted by the clouds and bouncing off the water made for one of the most beautiful sunrise sessions I have ever shot.

Every single session can be a mixed bag. No two sessions are EVER identical. Time of day, weather, time of year, they all work to make it almost impossible to give to families the same session. On the beach especially, it’s even more unpredictable. The number one thing I think about when planning and timing a beach session is, What will the sky be doing. Will it be in full sun? If so, we do not want to proceed at that hour. Will it be raining? Again, something else we don’t want to shoot in, this one for more obvious reasons. However, will it be cloudy without rain? If so it can be amazing. This session is one of many that can prove that point. Will it be perfectly clear but right at sunrise or sunset? Ultimately, that is what I plan for when booking beach sessions. We have to prepare to have bright skies, that offer us little to no shade until the sun is right on the horizon.

On this early morning in June, when all the forecasts would have given us worry, I got my perfect dream! Muted soft pastels, Beautiful calm water, tide pools, all the amazingness! Lauren had told me she got special dresses for her and sweet Sloane to wear. When they got out of the car and I saw them I was so excited. Fast forward to seeing the perfect pastel skies and the two of them willing to walk into the water in these gorgeous dresses, amazing! If these dresses inspire you for your own session you can find them here!

As far as planning summer beach sessions. I always encourage families to choose sunrise. This post just helps support my reasoning. We often start the day with milder weather. Often we will see less wind. The threat of afternoon/evening pop up thunderstorms is practically unavoidable in the summer. Getting your session done in the morning means you don’t need to worry that the late afternoon storms are going to ruin your session last minute.

I have said it in previous posts, but I will say it again. I know how early sunrise is, especially in these summer months. However, that one EARLY wake up is so so worth it if you will forever have images like this to hang on your walls!

Enjoy the rest of this sesion!