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New Yorker turned Charleston, SC portrait photographer. Obsessed with the beach, good food, and exploring around town!

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Using Downtown Charleston as a backdrop for your College or High School Senior Portrait Session.

At any given point of the year I am asked “what is my favorite thing to shoot?”. To be honest, it varies. This past spring though, seniors have been pretty high up on that list, if not the top. There is something so fun and energetic with working with these College and High School seniors, on the brink of a new beginning. It’s the chance to freeze this moment, RIGHT NOW, before any of the rest of their story unfolds.

It doesn’t hurt that the busiest time for Senior Photos is in the few months and weeks leading up to graduation in the spring. It’s during this time Charleston is in its prime. Lots of bright lush greenery everywhere. Flowers flourishing. Wether it be Wisteria or Jasmine. Window boxes begin to look amazing.

In my opinion, Downtown Charleston is the PERFECT spot in all of Charleston for senior photos. Sure the beach is always beautiful, but for a solo person session I love how much variety we can get in a very short walk.

What makes this Charleston backdrop even better for senior photos though? Two words: Golden Hour. Ideally I LOVE an early morning session. Meet up just as the sun is rising and capture the glow as it begins to light our streets ad alley ways. It also gives is so many spaces to work that are not in direct sunlight. Instead it offers them a nice soft full lit look without looking completely blown out. This is one of the only times of day I like to shoot along the famous Rainbow Row.

There truly is something amazing about bring up and out and exploring the streets together besture the hustle and bustle of people’s work days or tourism begin!

No cars, no people, just scenery and a Senior! This alley in particular has become one of my absolute favorite spots to shoot in the early morning!

Understandably, sometimes that super early morning session is just not in the cards. Maybe you’re driving into Charleston from a little bit of a distance, or only here for the day. The good news is, sunset also offers us similar and amazing advantages. The gallery below were all from a sunset session.

Truly, wether you choose early morning or evening, you can see how gorgeous Charleston is for Senior Photos. It’s the senior themself and the outfits they choose that really make the session.

A white dress is always a winning option in my book. Charleston offers so much color on its own it truly lets YOU stand out and shine in your surroundings. However, with all the color we have to offer from doors and shutters, to flowers and trees, why not add your own pop of color too? I always encourage anyone doing their senior photos to bring 2-3 outfits.

Each outfit, combined with a slightly different location and scenery offer and array of options for you to choose from later. I often suggest at least one long dress that flows pretty and one to two more casual outfits. Bring something you know you love and feel confident in. You can bring jeans and a tee shirt representing your current or new school, or go completely in the other direction and wear your prom dress or something just as dressy. The only rule to senior photos outfits is, there are no rules. This session is intended to be about YOU!

While I could go on and on as to why I love these sessions so much, I’ll let these beauties finish the talking for me! Enjoy and I hope to see you in front of my camera! Special thanks to Emily, Kinsley, Reagan and Grayson. Congratulations to all of you!