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The Haight Family

If you’ve been in the Charleston area the last few weeks you are fully aware of the one big sign we’ve had that spring is here. Pollen! It’s been everywhere. Our cars are yellow, our homes are yellow. Heck, even the neighborhood alligator is yellow from sitting outside the pond all day. So often I find myself complaining about it. Did I remember to take my allergy meds? Should I bother washing my car, again? But then, I take a walk in Hampton Park and suddenly, I forget how much I have hated this pollen everywhere.

One step into the park and you can see flowers EVERYWHERE! I am personally not even a huge fan of dark pink and red flowers, but these are an exception to me. How can anyone not be completely in love with all spring has brought to Charleston?

Earlier this week I met up with the Haight family. They were in town as a family on a nice spring vacation. Weeks ago when I was first contacted by Melinda about a session I knew that Hampton was a gorgeous choice. I could not, however, predict that it would be this spectacular. People always ask “when” the azaleas will bloom here in Charleston. While we as photographers can confidently say “early spring” the exact time it all up to Mother Nature.

This year has been unseasonably warm. Aside from a brief cold snap in December around Christmas we have had a very mild winter. This has meant a very beautiful and warm spring here in Charleston. While I usually “guesstimate” these will bloom Mid-March, they’re already at full peak now in early March.

While we didn’t necessarily pick this location for these beautiful spring blooms, I was so glad to be able to share them with this sweet family. Such a perfect backdrop for a wonderful and beautiful family here awaiting the arrival of another sweet member.

Thank you Melinda and Nick for haring your beautiful family with me and giving me the perfect reason to experience and capture all of Charleston’s spring beauty!