Summer Sunrise Downtown

Downtown Charleston
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New Yorker turned Charleston, SC portrait photographer. Obsessed with the beach, good food, and exploring around town!

Hey! I'm Lindsay

It’s always a pleasure meeting up with the Miele family! This time was no exception! We knew we wanted to shoot Downtown for this session but in a last minute decision the day before I asked how they felt moving from our original location near Rainbow Row to this gorgeous spot.

With the Crepe Myrtles in full summer bloom I knew this spot would be pure magic! Match that with perfect sunrise lighting and two sweet little girls dressed in pale pink and it was absolute Charleston perfection!

Traditionally I have loved sunrise sessions on the beach, but this summer I discovered just how amazing it can be to explore the quiet streets of Charleston at sunrise. For one, it is much cooler first thing in the morning than most of the rest of the day. Second, the streets are so quiet. People aren’t quite hustling and bustling to work yet, anyone visiting our city is still snoozing or just grabbing that first cup of coffee. The streets are ours making the perfect backdrop!

While I know it is EARLY to get up and get ready for a sunrise session, I promise they are so worth it!