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New Yorker turned Charleston, SC portrait photographer. Obsessed with the beach, good food, and exploring around town!

Hey! I'm Lindsay


You never know when a chance encounter will lead you to someone you will eventually meet again. Five years ago while visiting Angel Oak Tree on a visit to Charleston I happened to witness a couple getting engaged. I also happened to have my camera in my hands and snapped a few photos of the couple during their proposal. I asked them for their email addresses. They went on to celebrate their engagement, I continued on with being a tourist. When I got back to New York, I emailed the couple the few photos I had taken. Bailey, the bride to be thanked me and told me they had already set a date.

Fast forward about three years and Bailey was in Charleston visiting her family and asked me if I could take some photos of her precious daughter, Lola on her first birthday. We had a GORGEOUS beach session that morning.

Last week, I got a message from Bailey saying that she and her little ones were in town and asked if we could take some photos. I of course said “absolutely”. We originally were planning on another sunrise session at Isle of Palms but with this amazing spring weather and all of the blooms in Charleston we switched to Hampton Park, and I am SO glad we did. We caught the tail end of azalea season and our morning light was just magical! I still swoon every time I see all of the Spanish moss that is everywhere at Hampton Park.

Capturing these two sisters together and interacting with their mommy was so sweet and special.

Never in my wildest dreams when I captured Bailey and Matt’s proposal did I think I’d see them again, but I just believe it’s further proof that the universe is smaller than we realize. I also believe every encounter happens for a reason and if it means I get to capture this sweet family when they visit Charleston, again and again, I’ll take it!